Valentine's Day Gift Guide by PCB Home

Valentine's Day is riiiight around the corner! Finding the perfect little Valentine's Day gift isn't always easy! PCB is giving you a little Valentine's Day gift guide for that sweet someone in your life along with some adorable date night inspiration brought to you by the gals from our PCB Dream Team!
The gals at PCB were asked to share their perfect/favorite/ideal date night and incorporate some PCB gift ideas to go along with them! Keep scrollin' to read some of theeee cutest date night inspo! 


Alyssa (owner + designer): I'm such a homebody (shocker!) that my favorite dates are spent right in our living room! One of our favorite things to do to make date nights in extra special is to move our two chaise lounges to the middle of the room for a front room view of our TV. We pile every single pillow and blanket we can find on top of them to make our own cozy version of the comfiest fort! We'll put on a marathon of our favorite movies and order dinner in. Throw in a chunky knit blanket and you can find us camped out there the entire weekend!
Amy (operations manager): My ideal date would definitely have to be horseback riding through a vineyard! Can you imagine the sun shining down and riding through beautiful fields? Not to mention there will obviously be wine there! To top the date off, you can finish with a cheeseboard
Alana (shop assistant): A nice little late afternoon tandem bike ride to the beach with a blanket, a Frisbee, a beach bag full of snacks, & somethin' cozy to rest on packed in our bike basket. Loving life on the sand together until the sun goes down and then a ride to the ice cream shop to get some soft-serve in a cone with rainbow sprinkles.


We hope these ideas can be an inspiration to you & your sweetheart this Valentine's Day! & our biggest hope is that with the help of our meaningful home decor, you can celebrate each other & the love that you share on V-day & every day!