4 Ways To Brighten Someone's Day by Parris Chic Boutique

Hey Ya’ll!

We believe in décor with meaning. The root of what we do is grounded in giving gifts! Personally I can’t think of anything better.

Growing up I was always taught the best way to show someone you cared was to do one of two things: bake something and/or give a gift. So naturally, this scene from our #pcbdreamhouse was as genuine to me as it looks. Here are a few ways to show someone you love them following this no-fail principle, using some of our PCB products:

o1. Bake a friend a cake. If you showed up at my door with a cake, well honey, you’d have yourself a life long friend. Bonus points if it’s icecream cake. We love the “live simply” print & frame to go along with this, because it just can’t get any more old-timey simple than coming over for a slice of cake.

o2. Bake a cake -with- someone! I have some friends who really appreciate quality time over gifts, and I know they’d rather have the company. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to dress up in this cute apron to bake? You’ll need two- one for you & one for them

o3. Baking not your style? You’re in luck! You still get to enjoy the cake, but afterwords you can make cleaning up a little bit prettier with a cute tea-towel like this one. Sure, dishes may not be as pretty as that (store bought) cake, but this tea towel will do the trick.

o4. Oh you’re not a dishes kinda-gal either? Hey, no judgement here. I’m pretty sure as a last resort, there is always coffee! Showing up to a friend’s house with two mugs and your favorite coffee blend is a quick way to share smiles & friendship, be it with a new friend or old. 

To review, Baking + Gifts = friendship! We hope this post & photos encourage you to brush up on those baking skills & make time for someone today. There is not much more important as the relationships we have with each other. PCB’s goal is to help you celebrate these relationships with our lovely items.

décor by Parris Chic Boutique, photos by Love & Light Photographs, styling by Kaitlin Holland of The School of Styling, cake by Nutmeg Cake Design, vintage pieces by Maggpie, model status – PCB’s Amy + her hubby Jeff