• fridays favorites

    Happy Friday! It's been here's some of inspiration I've been drawing from the last few weeks. Hope that you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you!

    favorite chandelier

    favorite pops of kitchen color

    favorite look

    favorite mug rack

    favorite linen cabinet

    favorite mirror

    favorite quote

    favorite floors

    favortie entry way

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  • lately

    It's been so long! I promise you I'm still around and working as hard as ever. Wedding season is in full swing and when I'm not making those itty bitty favor bags for seed bombs and candy bars galore, my team and I are busting our butts to get your pillow orders out the door. But this girl is not complaining! I'm more in love and thankful for this job than ever. I think this is my favorite season of business and even though weddings last year weren't too much of anything over here (I had just released my wedding banners and products last april) this year is crazy. Crazy fun that is! I love creating and celelbrating for all your specialest days. I'm also proud to be apart of and learn from Reverie Events this year which inspires me even more so to get in behind the scenes of more gorgeous weddings.

    If you are ever wondering why things are so quite over here in blog world, be sure to check out my instagram feed to stay up to date with what's happening behind the scenes. Here's a little peak into my insta:

    Lately its's been filled with green grass (finally!), pillows, bike rides, fresh blooms, all things calligraphy, and pillows -- did I mention pillows? Spring has finally arrived and I'm enjoying it as much as possible!

    Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for following along on my crazy and sparatic adventures! Fridays favorites will be back from hibernation tomorrow so check back in :)


  • new items: my calligraphy!

    It's here, it's here! It's been a long time coming and I am more than excited to show you my little line of calligraphy prints and decor! Fresh and new to the shop today you'll find a small collection (sure to grow) of a new skill I've been working on for months now. I loved learning calligraphy and I love the romantic, elegant look it has. Be sure to stop by the shop and take a look around today! Here's some of what you'll find:

    In addition I've updated tons of decor, specifically wedding related items

    These brown paper kraft bags are perfect for a candy or sweets bar, don't ya think?

    And these re-vamped mugs are my new favorite!

    So what do you think? Ready to have a wedding? Perfect, let me create for you! I'm so eagar to jump aboard some weddings and expand this realm of my shop a little bit more. Hope you enjoy everything! Be sure to pin and share galore, I'm so thankful for you support as I launch these new products!


  • DIY chalkboard + tips and tricks

    Hi Friends! Today I want to show you the easist chalk board DIY around. It's fast, simple, and I love how it looks. You can't beat that combo. Throughout the process of finding the perfect chalk boards to fill our home with, I tried countless pintrest tutorials that told me all I needed to do was spray glass with chalkboard paint and I had myslef a chalkboard. Ha. This process could work, but I found it only true on sturdy glass that came with picture frames whose prices ranged close to the hundreds. And for the size I wanted...I was not about to purchase a frame that cost that much especially to turn around and spray paint it.  (I've found a few GREAT thrifted frames that work but its so hard to tell how the paint will adhere to the glass. After much trial and error I've determined its hit or miss).

    One day while shopping at IKEA and wishing their cheap frames didn't have such cheap glass, it hit me. I bought a frame, brought it home, and --forget the glass-- I spray painted the backing that came with the frame. Tada! Best, most reliable method I ever did use. 100% fail proof. In later projects we've simply bought hardboard or mesonite (what they're backing is made of) and framed that. It can't get much easier, am I right?

    Then just add something to hang it with. I chose rope, but you could use twine, ribbon, burlap, anything really! Make it your own. Make sure to pre-treat it with a piece of chalk by laying the chalk flat and covering the board from head to toe. This will prevent any words from hanging around in the back ground of all your deisgns. Like the "welcome to Parris Chic Boutique" thats on mine... I did pre-treat it and it will work better for you, the PCB design was just on here for about 6 solid months. Another coat of chalk board paint and she'll be brand new!

    My chalk board tips and tricks:

    1) I get asked all the time how my letters are so perfect. They're really not, but I do have a secret! If you haven't discovered it yet, get a CHALK MARKER! Hello instant make my life 10x easier. They're really a dream and they appear so much bolder and brighter. Best part is, it erases just like chalk. One wet paper towel and your golden. Well, depending on how long you let your design sit for. If its 6months, it'll still erase just not as much. I think this will be true even with regular ol' chalk though.

    2) If it's an elaberate saying or text, I tend to sketch out my design first. Planning where each letter and word will go saves me tons of erasing and re-erasing.

    3) Surf pintrest for some great chalk board fonts and designs. If I'm not happy with how my handwriting looks or if  I want to switch up my lettering, I'll search "chalkboard fonts" on pintrest and find so much inspiration.

    4) It doesn't always have to be elaborate! This simple garland has been on my chalkboard for awhile now and I just keep switching the words inside. I love the minimalist look of it.

    Oh and how adorable is my little westie figure? He was just gifted to me a couple weeks ago by some good friends of ours and I can't get over how cute he is! They know me too well!

    What do you think? Easy peasy right? I hope you guys try this one out! Share with me in the comments below if you plan to! If you love it, spread the word on Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook. I'd love to connect with you guys over there! Thanks for stopping by!


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    Enjoy this weeks Friday's Favorites! Find us on Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook to share the photos that inspired you!

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